Guido Gattai

Fimiani Luxury Real Estate - Guido Gattai

Guido, coming from a background in private real estate investment in Europe and holding a master’s degree in corporate banking, deals with public relations in English and French, as well as structuring real estate investments designed as either land-based or long-term income-generating assets.

Veronica Cremonese

Fimiani Luxury Real Estate - Veronica Cremonese

Veronica is the heart of our secretariat for Luxury Real Estate services. With dedication and precision, Veronica supports our clients’ journey towards discovering the most enchanting luxury residences in Tuscany, ensuring impeccable service and unparalleled attention to detail.

Lisa Cerreto

Fimiani Luxury Real Estate - Lisa Cerreto

Explore the most exclusive luxury residences in Tuscany with Lisa, our real estate services assistant in Florence. Allow Lisa to guide you in discovering elegance and style, on a journey through lands steeped in art, history, and breathtaking landscapes.